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Classic Eyelash Extensions

In this traditional technique, I will apply an individual, thicker and darker eyelash extension to each one of your natural eyelashes.

This technique is perfect for those who have healthy and strong eyelashes, are trying eyelash extensions for the first time or who want a subtle look.

SPECIAL: Full Classic Set | $99 (reg. $175)
(90-120 minutes)

Classic infill | $55

(60-75 minutes)

2D and Hybrid sets

HYBRID: A mix of classic and volume | $215

(90-150 minutes)


Hybrid Infill: $65

(60-75 minutes)

Full Set in 2-D: Each natural eyelash receives 2 extensions| $199

(90-150 minutes)

2D Infill | $65

(60-90 minutes)

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions 3D/4D/5D NOW AVAILABLE

Get the fullest lashes possible with Volume extensions. I will apply three to five super lightweight extensions on each of your natural lashes (based on your lash health).

These special extensions are soft, feather-light and three to four times fuller – giving you the look of mascara and eyeliner without the fuss. These extensions are low-maintenance

and can be treated like real hair using our after-care guide.

SPECIAL: VOLUME ONLY $159 (reg. $275)

(180-210 minutes)

Volume Infill | $85

(90-120 minutes)


Please schedule your free consultation to evaluate your needs. Rehab cases take 4-12 weeks depending on the damage. 
If you are accepted as a rehab case, you must commit to visiting the salon weekly for a check-up (fill etc.). 

Prices vary and are based on how extensive the rehab will be. 

Regardless of how much time has passed since your last full set/infill, in order to qualify for infill prices, 50% of your extension must be present at your time of appointment, otherwise, a full set is required.

Operating Hours:  Friday 9am to 9pm

                                      Saturday 10am to 6pm 

Use the contact form for special inquiries! 

New Clients: I have 2 slots for new clients available before I am closing my books. I will open and post a waiting list!